Reasons to get excited about the Vivo Y95 Halo FullView™ Display

y95 vivo

You don’t have to keep track with the latest smartphone trends to know that ‘bezel-less’ phones are now all the rage. The iPhone X, Oppo’s R17 Pro and the Vivo Y95 are examples of smartphones with minimal bezels.

It’s clear that phone developers and designers are focusing on screen size, design and the technology behind it. For example, Vivo has released the Halo FullView™ Display for a better mobile viewing experience.

Tech communities got excited hearing this news, and you should be too! Here’s why:

Clearer than ever visuals

Not only does the Vivo Y95 has a larger display with the Halo FullView™ Display, but it also has a higher pixel density for better clarity and detail. This improvement means more fantastic visuals, perfect for phone users that like live wallpapers on their screen.

Better video-viewing experience

Online video streaming services are very popular these days. However, that means we have to watch our favourite TV shows on tinier phone screens compared to our TV in our living room.

Well, you can make the situation better with the Y95 as Halo FullView™ Display as it’s bigger and displays your shows with full detail and natural colours, all in a compact body with a 3D-glass curved design.

y95 vivo

Immersive gameplay experience

If you love mobile games, then the Y95 is perfect for you. Not only will the Halo FullView Display support fantastic graphics, but the phone will also run the game smoothly with its 4GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon octa-core processor. Gaming on mobile has never been better.

More typing space

Ever gotten frustrated over the tiny keyboard space on your phone? Well, now you can get more space with the Y95 with its larger screen size. Say goodbye to text and chat away!


If you value a seamless mobile experience, the Y95 and its Halo FullView™ Display will definitely live up to your expectations. Get yours today by visiting